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How Virgin Voyages Does Things Differently

Every so often, something new happens in a field or an industry. Virgin Voyages has done that in the cruise industry, cultivating an experience that stands at odds with business as usual. Below are just a few examples of how.


At Virgin Voyages, immersive entertainment takes center stage, with a festival-like lineup developed by some of the world's most-talked-about directors, choreographers, and artists.


After years of ideation and collaboration with the top land-based chefs, the final result is a dining program consisting of over 20 unique eateries, where every dining venue has its own bar, and every meal is an adventure.


Virgin offers various exercise options, from Sunrise yoga and meditation to HIIT workouts and outdoor boxing. For relaxation, visit Redemption Spa, offering a mudroom, seaweed wraps, hot stone massages, and a sauna.

When it Comes to Dancing the Night Away, a RIU Party is the Place to Be

If you're looking for a fun vacation, consider staying at RIU Hotels & Resorts and choose from an adults-only escape or a family-friendly getaway. They offer all-inclusive accommodations and unforgettable parties featuring top DJs, shows, and performances.


Nothing is cooler on a hot summer day than a pool party — and no pool party is cooler than a RIU pool party. These exclusively adult-only bashes are the talk of the town, and for good reason. You and your crew can expect to enjoy DJ sessions, entertainment, and captivating shows, all while thriving with your fellow party animals.


The power of a well-crafted set can awaken the soul and open one's eyes to the beauty of life ... which is why RIU Get Together Parties are suitable for all ages (except at adult-only resorts). Discover the best national DJs and top entertainment while you dance the night away.


There are even unique themed parties, such as the Jungle Party, White Party, Neon Party, and Pink Party! No matter which theme you attend, you're in for a magical and unforgettable experience. Don't miss out!

5 Must-Try Foods in Alaska

Alaska's culinary scene is as impressive as its natural gifts. Here are five iconic treats to try on your next visit:

1. KING CRAB: This colossal crustacean is at home in the Bering Sea and can grow as large as 24 pounds with a leg span of 5 feet.

2. REINDEER DOG: This popular hot-dog style street food is primarily made with reindeer or caribou and is often combined with grilled onions, mustard, and relish.

3. PACIFIC HALIBUT: This deep-sea fish has white, flaky meat and is often served deep-fried in Alaska's version of fish and chips, while its cheeks resemble scallops.

4. BERRY COBBLER: A well-made berry cobbler mixes raspberries, blueberries, cloudberries, blackberries, salmonberries, lingonberries, and moss berries and bakes them to perfection.

5. CRAFT BEER: Due to the abundance of cold mountain water and the state's geographic isolation, Alaska offers a range of beer options on tap, from piney IPAs to rich barley wines..

Your Go-To Guide for Visiting Norway's Fjords

The beauty of Norway is postcard-perfect, and central to Norway's rugged majesty are its fjords. The fjord is where a glacier carved a path below sea level before eventually retreating, allowing the ocean to fill the void. Here are a few to look out for when in Norway.

LYSEFJORD, or “Fjord of Light”

It is in the Ryfylke area of Southwestern Norway. Down at the water level, highlights include Vagabonds Cove, the Hengjane Waterfall, and resident families of mountain goats.


It is the second-longest in Norway. Attractions for those passing through include Folgefonna, and various stunning waterfalls — the most famous of which is Vøringsfossen.


It is “the king of the fjords,” the most epic of the country's fjords, stretching for 127 miles, with the deepest point being nearly 4,300 feet underwater.

Offseason Travel to Europe

Have you ever considered traveling offseason to Europe? The benefits are great for those who make the trek during the time less traveled!


Imagine the famous landmarks, museums, and other prominent hot spots of your dream destination without crowds. The atmosphere is different, and there's no rush to move along; you can stay put and meditate on what the space means to you — and all those who came before you.


While summer might conjure images of sunny skies and the sparkling turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, depending on the locale, fall and winter usher in a charm quite unmatched during the rest of the year, whether you're looking to watch cascades of color as the trees change hue in autumn or to stroll through a winter wonderland coated in freshly fallen snow.


Perhaps the best part of traveling in the offseason is what becomes uniquely available based on the time of year. In Northern Europe, your chance of seeing the northern lights increases exponentially. In European cities and towns, Christmas markets appear as they have for hundreds of years, offering mulled wine and festive cheer. And, if your travels take you to any of the many stunning mountain ranges, quaint villages transform into winter sports hubs. Après ski, anyone?

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